Music Is The Universal Language!


Synthesizers are big apparatuses that imitate existing instruments and create new timbres by molding sound through oscillators. In 2009, fewer people had access to these and it was a great effort to carry them around . Our challenge was to think of a plan to bring this signal-operated device closer to a bigger audience in an efficient and accessible way.


Just when the first iPhone was released and the App Store was in its early stages, we chose to combine the aesthetic of vintage synthesizers with a new emerging technology. Inspired by the Moog brand, we translated its qualities and functionality to an iOS app.

The mobile user acquisition strategy was focused on the musician and producers community. We raised awareness by reaching out to our target audience in specific blogs and websites, obtaining 10.000 downloads in the first 3 weeks. In a second stage, we chose to focus on the price of the app. Depending on each market and their ranking, we adjusted its value.

Along with several press articles, this action accomplished 500.000 downloads in only one weekend, setting Mobeat as nº1 in the App Store for 17 countries. In turn, there was an organic boost that allowed the app to reach the 5 million-download milestone.

The Mobeat experience also achieved recognition as runner-up in AppCircus Argentina and nominated for best mobile app by The Next Web.

Services provided

Product Development, UX/UI, Data Analytics, Brand & Communication, iOS Development.

Available for iOS.

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